Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Evolution of my Norman Bates artwork

Here are all the updates on my Norman Bates work all in one spot so you can enjoy them! That's right I am doing this all for you so smile.

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Regular show model week #17

For those of you who don't know I have set myself a challenge of creating something in 3d from Regular Show. Each week I model something from an episode starting at episode #1 and so forth. This is to keep myself in the 3D world and to watch Regular show. Repitition is the mother of learning right?. So I am up to week #17 of this challenge and this week I created the playground as seen in the episode "Dizzy".

You can check out all previous weeks at and all the previous videos at Regular Show in 3D Youtube Playlist

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Current Projects

3D Project: Character for

 Hope to have it all modeled very soon currently working on the body retopo then I will fix the hair. :)

2D project: Bates Motel Piece

Sneek peek of the Bates Motel piece I just started

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Chucky Painting

Way back when I was 13 we hired Child's Play 3 on VHS for 1000th time and I was throughly into cartooning but I wanted to try something a little more real but not to real so I drew the cover to the VHS tape in my brand new Harry Potter sketch book while laying on my nans living room floor. It was the first time I remember thinking "Hey I'm not too bad at this drawing thing".

I tried to find that drawing to compare but can't come accross it but now I have turned to Chucky again to be my first attempt at a good digital painting. I really enjoyed the process and have already started my next painting but here is my Chucky dont over about 5 hours.

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The First Post

You may be seated.
That's right I have returned! I know you have missed me since the end of Kanga Banaga but don't you worry your little head my friend cause I have decided to start a new blog with my own art works. The first post though will be links to my other sites so you can go to them, follow them, print my artworks and hang them in your bathroom to pretty the place up a bit. So here are the clickables:


Tumblr Regular Show Challenge Blog:

Tumblr art

 and ofcourse the Kanga Banga production blog of the short film that never was:

So add them to your favourites and keep watching.

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