Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Paul London Artwork Project

Thanks to the WWE Network I rediscorvered Pro-Wrestling. 5 years ago I decided to give wrestling up after being a fan for 16 years because I was going through a weird time where i didn't want to be myself anymore so I stopped watching wrestling,quit dreaming of working in the wrestling indusrty and sold all my wrestling merchandise which was alot of stuff. After watching Wrestlemania 30 and seeing guys I used to follow on the indy scene making it big like Tyler black and Bryan Danielson I started watching again.

The first time I watched indy wrestling was when I downloaded Paul London vs Michael Shane in a street fight from ROH. After seeing that match I needed more Paul London matches so I started buying ROH DVDs and then he showed up in WWE. London was the first wrestler I was a huge fan of before they made it to the bigger companies so he will always be my favourite.

We bought tickets to go see the WWE in Sydney so I knew I wanted to wear a Paul London shirt. Since I had worn my London and Kendrick shirt so much it fell apart and i couldn't find one online I thought i'd make one. So here is my Paul London art project from start to finish.

Stay Frosty


The art on a shirt and The Cabanaramma Headband from that I will be wearing to the WWE event cause i'm cool.