Wednesday, 13 August 2014


So I was requested to do drawing from a character frm the TV show Hannibal. I have seen the movies (great movies) but I have not watched the show but it was fun to do.
I have been re-watching Deadwood for the 5th time and it is amazing but you already knew that. If you are sitting here wondering "What is Deadwood?" then shame on you. Seriously SHAME. Brilliant TV show, second only to Dexter and possibly Sons of Anarchy. Deadwood drawings are most likely in my future.

Also before you watch Deadwood watch some Robin Williams movies! The man was brilliant. His movies Hook, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire and Jumanji were huge parts of my childhood. Especially Hook! I have seen Hook so many times and I still love it.  I have to say one of my all time favourite Robin Williams performances was in 'One Hour Photo' I won't lie that movie scared me the first time I watched. He just played the character so well and was so believable, Watch that movie and his Guest role on Law & Order:SVU. Robin and Jerry Lewis are my two favourite guest performances on that show so make sure you watch them because you will be doing yourself a dis-service if you don't. Robin William's work will live on for gernerations.

Stay Frosty