Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Nuke Baby Nuke

Another assessment post. Last one for now, I promise.

Nuke has become real fun over this course although I wish I figured out my dynamics earlier so I gave myself more time to comp, Future lessons.

 A blog post wasn't in the assessment description but I have to get used to this blogging thing a little more cause I'm always forgetting. The good news is because this isn't an official hand in blog post I don't have to get detailed, in fact I'm not gonna get detailed at all. Yep thats right I am just gonna ramble on about nothing and see how long you continue to read it thinking you may get some valuable, life enhancing knowledge about my experience doing this assessment. You won't find any of that here, no, but you will find a screenshot of my script taken so far away all you see is the pretty colours of the nodes.


You're still here?

Ok, ok I better teach you something for sticking around against all good judgment. You must be bored...I've been there broski. Here is the video of the comp I ended up with which looks way better on my badass cintiq than a normal monitor.

What have I been taught? I hear you asking. Well you, my friend have just discovered that Rick Springfield makes fantastic music. 'Sign of Life' from his Songs For the End of the World  album is playing on that video and that album has just entered your shopping list.

You're Welcome

Stay Frosty

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