Sunday, 16 November 2014

That UFO Project again

Alright, alright it is time for another post about the UFO project. There is still some comp work to be done but I have until Wednesday to toil away in Nuke. This is just to focus on the Dynamics aspect. The first post showed the work in progress shot I submitted for feedback.

A quick rundown of the feedback went like this:
  • The outer cone was to still and needed more particles
  • The beam of light that came down was good but re-timing needed to be considered and a colour change was necessary
  • The particles in the middle where out of place
  • Consider change the middle particles to a beam or something that reaches the man instead
  • Consider more rings of light
I tried to address these issues in my new submission which will be shown shortly so calm down. First i will outline the way I went about trying to address these issues.

With the outer cone I added more particles, added rotation to the geometry that i was emitting off and used a volume axis field to added some more movement and separation.

The ring/beam of light was re-timed and colour corrected in Nuke instead of re-rendering. Time saving at its finest.

I changed the particles in the middle to be tighter and flow all the way to the ground, also adding a glow effect.

I tried some pulsing rings of light but i just couldn't get them to look good enough so I scrapped them.

Below is the video. No music on this one but I promise there will be some rockin' tunes on the updated comp.

Overall I'd say I learnt a lot through my first journey into the world of dynamics. Am I happy with the final result? Not at all but live, learn and be better next time.

Stay Frosty

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