Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Tell 'Em Steve Dave! 3D project

First post of the year is here. You can breath your sigh of relief now because I have returned.

 Everybody knows the best podcast in not only the world but the entire universe is Tell 'Em Steve Dave! So I have decided to create the TESD boys in 3D. I had to start off with the Staten Island Dandy, Brian Quinn. OH!
I have modelled a Q based off of the Rob Etch cartoons mixed with my own style.
Also added a Purple hoodie and the glorious facial hair for a more current look.
I haven't done any texturing or shader work yet (except the skin)

Because rigging isn't a strong point I have used 'Advanced Skeleton 4' auto rigging and have gotten a pretty awesome rig for the body set up. Once it is weight painted it will be a rocking rig.

The IJ classic Martian Hula hoop

I haven't quite got the Advanced Skeleton face rig working how I want it yet so may have to rig the face manually but here are some mess around faces.

 I'm not sure if I want to get the face rig done or start modelling Bry, or Walt so instead of procrastinating I have also have started modelling the Table and Microphone also with no texture work done yet.

I really want to update this blog much more so hopefully it won't take me two months again.


Stay Frosty


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