Sunday, 19 April 2015

Last minute everything!

Yeah I have a super amount of work to do in 2 days. Always leaving things to the very last minute.I would much rather be back in the world of Pro-Wrestling rather than the judgemental, ego driven world of art but have to wait a few more months for more wrestling.

Hey dreams are funny things and you have to do all this stupid rubbish to achieve them sometimes or you will be left wondering 'What If' and I don't want that but Motivation it is such an aggravation when it is stuff you really don't want to do. I tried 2 days ago to start this stupid hybrid character assignment and ended up drawing a picture of Louis Theroux instead. So here is that picture.

His latest three specials were great! Loved the mental institution ones. I really miss 'Weird Weekends'. Easily one of the best TV shows of all time. What a great concept! Yeah gotta get to work tomorrow.....or maybe the next day.

Stay Frosty

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