Thursday, 28 May 2015

Sick art!

Been sick with a cold all week and I took the down time to start a new 2D piece. Over a year ago I did a Norman Bates painting which ended up getting put in a rad Bates Motel postcard book! Seeing as I enjoyed doing that piece a lot and have been enjoying the show even more now (That last season was fantastic!) I have decided on doing another Bates Motel piece. This time of Emma cause Emma rules! Not finished yet and I MUST do this 3D assignment so I will be continuing on it when this 3D one is done but for your enjoyment here is where the artwork is at.
Stay Frosty

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Something Better

Here is a still of Q and Bry at the table. Still work to do on both but gonna get Walt up to the stage of these 2 and clean the all up and get the ready for final rigging.

Stay Frosty

The Life & Death of the Party

Last week I had an excellent time rocking out in Melbourne at the Alice Cooper & Mötley Crüe concerts and of course again in Sydney. Missed a week of class but it was worth it and then some! Alice Cooper's show is always stellar. Such a professional, amazing visuals he just needed a longer set!

On the other side I have never been more ready to give up on both full time study and the 3D art arena. After a week of relaxation and great times the world of art seems like such a chore. Just before I left Melbourne I was informed my Beagle/Raptor was not hyper-realistic enough :/
I think he is pretty sweet personally.

So yeah I have to completely re-do it somehow which I haven't started yet but it's due on Friday. The world of 3D seems so snobby and pretentious which is the opposite of me which is making it increasingly hard to get motivated to finish this degree which is only another 12 or so in-class weeks. Why must people take everything so seriously? 3D art isn't saving people's lives, it isn't important (Most jobs aren't). Where 3D is the best is when you create something you care about or accomplish something with a team you care about.

I really wish I studied something a little more stable or even more important at this point. A job or subject where there is a clear right and wrong. I love being creative but it seems the world we live in isn't looking for creative.

The story/quote that made me try and get into the animation world:
"The notion of my father dying screaming changed my life completely, because I was like even a good man in this world… You play the game, you play it straight, you play it by the rules, you do everything you’re supposed to, and you’re gonna die screaming anyway. And at that point I was like ‘there’s no point in not trying to accomplish every stupid, fuckin’ dream I’ve got."-Kevin Smith on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast

I don't know dudes and dudettes. The depression is multiplied thanks to the amazing week I had in Melbourne and all the great concert experiences in the last 7 days. 

Here is some inspiration to do what makes you happy. Think about it! Joe is 100% correct in this.


Life is not about your job or working hard for someone else's dream a reality. It's about experiencing what you want, making yourself happy and chasing your dreams. 

I'm such a downer I know but remember even when you are feeling down continue to Stay Frosty