Saturday, 10 October 2015

Road House Blues

Been way too long since I posted anything and seeing as I am about to get back into drawing with my hand being almost healed I thought i'd share a few paintings from a project that most likely wont be finished. It is so hard to go back and finish something that you haven't done any work on for months. The plan was to do a tribute to the 80s classic 'Road House'. I am still pretty happy with the Sam Elliot and the Marshall R. Teague is close to being finished as well. The Swayze was getting there but isn't as finished as the other 2. I have a half finished Double Deuce bar and a Kelly Lynch that needed more work but i'm not sharing them so forget I even mentioned them ok? good. Now check 'em out:

"Be nice until it's time to not be nice" If you havn't seen Road House the time to not be nice is now and you should go find your sorry self a copy and watch it! ...........Then watch it again.

Stay Frosty

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